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Pictures of the past compared to what the island, life, and people look like today.  A time capsule in images.

Rush Hour on Barrier Reef Drive

Rush Hour on Barrier Reef Drive better known as “Front Street” to locals. Sandy, two way street in San Pedro. You could walk up and down the street without worries as there waw barely any vehicles on the once quaint fishing village of San Pedro. Here is a comparison of

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Caribeña Co-Operative from Rustic to Modern

Caribeña Fishing Cooperative (1st pic) and Caribeña Enterprises (2nd pic) are two completely separate entities.  The first was a powerful fishing cooperative that exported marine products from 1965 to 1985.  The second is a

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Humble Patriotic Celebrations in 1980

“It was the tenth day of SeptemberThe ninety eighth ano domimi.When our forefathers won the glorious fightThe Battle of St. George’s Caye.” This was the first verse of the historic song we all sang

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The Fury of Hurricane Keith in 2000

It was the turn of the century and the millennium and it was foretold that the world would come to an end.  Well, it was not the end, but certainly very scary.  There are

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The Famous Fido's in Ambergris Caye

If there is one place that has left a landmark in San Pedro and that has undergone lots of transformation, it has got to be Fido’s.  It started as Fido’s Hotel and was part

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